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Full Version: Bloated Stomach
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I need some help here ohmy.gif What do you think is the best cure for bloated stomach ?
Bloated stomach is due to internal parasite 99% of the time. You can get some Pepso Food, very inexpensive from any Pet Supplier or online

Keep us posted on the progress.
Hi biggrin.gif ,

Either you can use brand JBL spriheadsole......
ahhh thats prettty deadly.. u fed them dead worms huh?
QUOTE (Armand @ Oct 29 2003, 03:30 AM)
I need some help here ohmy.gif  What do you think is the best cure for bloated stomach ?

There's a lot of indications why your flowerhorn stomach is bloated. He maybe infected with worms, swim bladder disease or he has a dropsy which is very lethal. Please post any pictures if you can for better look....For now, make sure his water should be very clean....pellets should be avoided at this time until he's back to normal......please keep us posted.....
It is not eating anything. One observation is that it's feces is white 50.gif
ahhh crap.. what do you ussually feed him? that happento me before..andthe fish died.
Your fish is infected with internal hexamitiasis and bacteria....
and possibly he is in advanced stage of bacterial infection.
The fish doesn't have to be bloated when he is infected with hexamitiasis.
I would treat him aggressively.
Metronidazole is the choice of treatment..250 mg per 10 gallons. Repeat the dosage every day for 7 days with partial water change. Temp should be in 88-90 degrees. Metronidazole works best when water temp is in that range.
These parasites are very hard to treat.
If he is not eating, you can force feed him with frozen fish food in a syringe with metronidazole added. I had a flowerhorn that was infected by it and would not eat for a month. I have to force fed him to survive.....Anyways, keep us posted and HTH...Goodluck....luohanatic <>< Mabuhay!!!!!
Hey bro,
just speculating ...... But it sounds like bloat ..... is a result of improper diet (too much of same type of food) or (perhaps too much protein and or poor water quality) ......
It can be fatal ...... if not treated at onset of first sign of symptoms.
(loss of appetite, swelling of the body. increased breathing rate)

If this sounds like your fish's condition try metronidazole (1/8 teaspoon to 20gal of water for five days) do not forget once treatment is over do a 50% water change and change carbon if you use it in your tanks. I wish you luck in healing him.

take care guys
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